Oporto Stores, Art Nouveau


“Merchants received signs and figurative and ornamental panels that served to advertise their own stores and specialty products or services sold there. It was a way to attract the attention of customers, as well as a sign of modernity and thus cheered up the facades, taking advantage of the potential plastic tile: color, shape, texture, design, brightness. “(Amorim, 2003).


The application solutions tile in advertising are very diverse. Some showed only the name of the house, with little or no ornament, indicating other founding date, name of the owner or the products offered there, ing in verbal and visual, and in some cases, these products were represented interacting with human figures.


The main influence is the Art Nouveau, easily identified in Deposit Sola Uppers and Vieira da Silva, in The Pearl Bolhão and the Grand Bazaar Port.


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